Baby & Toddler Swaddle Blankets

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Swaddle blankets are traditional used for Swaddling your baby (securely wrapping a baby in a blanket) 
However these are endless possible uses of swaddle blankets during the initial years of a child life.

Some of the possible uses of swaddle blankets are: 

Swaddling. Longer sleeps while maintaining a healthy posture, prevent face scratching, and reduce night time wake ups from startle reflexes.
Crib Liner. Provides a soft support layer to go over the top of crib mattresses
Sucking Blanket. Cover yourself and baby during feeding times.
Changing Mat. fold in half and place on any surface and you're good to go.
Stroller Blanket Covers. Shields sun rays and provides a light free sleeping environment without too much heat. 
General Blanket. If it's getting a bit chilly at night simply wrap up your bub in a swaddle blanket 

Made from a soft cotton blend
Size:  43.5" X 43.5" / 110cm X 110cm 

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