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Diapers are an essential part of keeping a baby clean and happy. After all, a happy baby means happy parents.
However, on average during the first year of a child's life, a typical family will spend over $850 on diapers. The second year only slightly less at around $720.

The solution to cutting costs and doing that bit extra for the environment by avoiding disposable diapers is to use Washable & Reusable Diapers.

These Washable & Reusable Diapers have a satin finish and a water resistant outer layer.
They feature a snap button system where sizing is chosen depending upon age and size. As your baby grows you are able to adjust them accordingly.
They also have elastic around the legs to provide a snug fit and avoid any unwanted leakage.

A 3 ply microfiber liner (one include free with each diaper) is inserted into a pocket at the rear. These liners are super absorbent and are able to soak up to 8x their weight in liquid.
After inserting the liner, spread the diaper out and optionally place a baby wipe or similar on top. The liner will take care of liquids and the wipe makes for easy removal of solids.
When it is time for a new diaper dispose of the wipe and remove the liner. The diaper and the liner then can both be washed and use again. 

We suggest between 10-12 Diapers with inserts are needed in order to eliminate buying disposable diapers and having a full new rotation of clean diapers available for you daily. Suitable for newborns to toddlers. We have 28 different designs for you to choose from. Pick you design by reference number in the bottom left corner of each picture.

Check out the photos for more information and to choose your designs.

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